Business Scope

Import / Export Business

We ship by sea a designated 40-feet container between Taicang Port and Moji Port every week.

Processing of Incoming Materials

In order to respond to customer needs to reduce worker expenses for assembly jobs, material and parts are supplied, processed and assembled in China.

Import Sales

We procured and manufactured products in China and Myanmar. We then inspect and deliver them to our customers.

Overseas Sales

We supply our products to Japanese customers’ own transplants in China. We also operate as a UL-certified China plant of our customers for the assembly of electrical parts (Connecters. Cooperation with Mibu Denki Industrial Co. Ltd.).

Export Sales

We are helpful for exporting to and sales in China and Myanmar.

Business Contractor

We accept and train foreign intern workers from China, Myanmar and Vietnam and dispatch them to work in our customers’ factories. We also provide assembly and inspection works on materials supplied by our customers in our own factory.